Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crafting Confidence = Business plus preview of the 6 days of Christmas CraftFro style...

I have been super busy (what's new?) and I looked at the calendar today and realized that it's pretty much the end of the year and I have been in a whirlwind non-stop since 2010 began. Apparently, 1st babies will do that to you.

On the crating front, I've been busy making ornaments for the New Hope's first Christmas tree. Some out of crochet, some hand sewing and a few paper.

First Commission = Confidence Builder

I was fortunate enough to receive and complete my first special order of 7 desk dolls. It took a long time to complete them to my satisfaction but they were a big hit with the person who commissioned the pieces. It was scary to actually sell my work and I suffered from all sorts of low project esteem (is it good enough?) and self doubt (can I finish these on time?) I promised I wouldn't release any pictures of the dolls until they made it to their new homes after Christmas, so there are no photos. But maybe I will post a few in 2011!

I never thought that I could craft for supplemental income until I came up with the desk doll and there was this weird feeling that I had something unique and valuable to contribute that people might actually want to buy. They are the first things that I designed from head to toe and didn't use a pattern.

Don't get me wrong, I love patterns. I love FREE internet patterns. My crochet skills have improved 10fold in less than half a year because of internet patterns. I had to make and remake the most simple things until I got my confidence up to strike out and design my own stuff. And patterns made that possible. Next year I plan on featuring a weekly post on patterns that I followed.

Now, after these first commissions, I feel like I am ready to make a go of the business. The question is - what sort of business will I build? Will I just continue to do dolls on commission from groups like the one I made these first dolls for? or Will I branch out to sell the accessories I so love to make and design? If the latter is the case, I have to decide if I will open an Etsy store or if I will just stick to craft shows in my area. I have some idea which business type I'm leaning toward but I would love to hear what you think.

The blog is going to be revamped before 1-1-11. I have a new logo I've been working on and I think I may get my super Husby to retool the design to reflect the new business venture and my renewed commitment to chronicling my crafts online. I have a bunch of great ideas that I want share - now just to do it.

The 12 6 Days of Christmas Crochet and Crafts. (I was thinking 6 days but the 12 Days of Christmas song was apparently running in the background of my thoughts; When I looked at the post this morning I thought, OH NO! I can't believe I wrote 12. ;)
I've been working non-stop on Christmas projects for the tree and for gifts. I can't always spend this much time crafting so I am cherishing these snowy, cold days on which I have nothing scheduled for work.

I have come up with 12  6, quick, easy to make Christmas crafts that probably won't require a trip to the store. If you live anywhere in the Midwest, you'll understand why ---SNOW.

I have gotten the posts for most of the days together and look forward to hearing what you think about my 6  Christmas Crochet and Craft gifts.

And the New Hope ...
The New Hope has quite a few accessories that Mama CraftFro has made especially for her new baby. A few of these will appear as one of the 12 Days projects .. including this Big Bow Head Band and Christmas Hat....
Christmas Hat
Big Bow Headband

As always, Love and Peas...

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