Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Craft No? - Trying to Laugh at a Project Gone Wrong.

Ever start making something and put time and effort into and absolutely hate it when it's finished?

I feel like I need to submit my latest debacle to one of those websites that poke fun at crafts gone wrong. Problem is, right now, I'm a little sensitive about it. Weird, because I'm not usually the sensitive type.

I think what got me today was that I just finished the most successful month of crafting in my crafting life - and then I totally bombed. I made dolls, sold them. I've made some really cool things for the 6 days of Christmas here on Craftfro (Day 2 is tomorrow). I've completed a bunch of cute things for the little baby currently snoring in a cradle next to my desk and I even made some pretty nice Christmas gifts (and mailed most of them too!).

I was on a crafting high and I think I crashed.
Ever happened to you.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a more upbeat post and a tutorial. Promise.


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