Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Purple Elf Ami Ornament

I was supposed to be finishing up Christmas gifts BUT I logged on to and ended up looking through the Amigurumi boards. And as usual, I wanted to make all the little crochet cuteness I saw there. Finding myself inspired - I decided to freehand a crochet elf in an ornament!

Strange, yes. But oh so cute!
Say Hello to Huber the Tree Elf




I really do smile each time I look at his oddness.

For me, part of 'crafting a life' is about making things that are silly and fun and that ca put a smile on my face and the face of the people I give them to.

Another part of crafting a life as an urbanite is making crafts that fit my eclectic aesthetic. The jewelry project that is tomorrow's Day of Christmas is just that sort of craft. I'm off to smile at Huber and finish a variation of tomorrow's project!

I hope you're staying warm and well,

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