Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 3: Super Easy Crochet Skinny Scarf - Beginner Pattern


Hi All,

I was going to put up photos of various bows that I have been attaching to things as of late but I decided that I needed a few more last minute gifts and suddenly the Super Easy Skimny Crochet Scarf was made.

Skill Level:
This pattern is a simple repeating Treble Crochet stitch worked in the front loop only.
Don't know how to do a Treble Crochet (tc)? See this tutorial

Not sure which part of a stitch is the front or back loop? See this explanation

For this scarf you will need, about 1/3 of a skien of commercial, worsted weight yarn, some accent yarn for the tassels and a hook of a comfortable size.

Gauge is not important in this pattern. Pick a hook that works well with the yarn and your natural hand gauge. What's your hand gauge? Simple. Some people crochet tightly and some loosely. Your tendency to either extreme is your hand gauge. Me? I'm a tight crocheter. I have to be mindful not to make my stitches too tight. Sometimes to compensate for my tight hand, I use a large hooker to make gauge. But as I wrote earlier - GAUGE IS NOT IMPORTANT IN THIS PATTERN>

ch = chain; tc  = treble crochet

ch 11
row 1 - TC in the fourth chain on the hook and each across to the end. (8 stitches) Ch 3,turn.
row 2  - TC in each stitch across working in the front loop only.  Be sure to put a stitch in the last position. (the pattern is easy an forgiving. Just try not to drop a stitch.)
row 3 until end - repeat row 2 until the scarf reaches your desired length.
PC230451 Remember not to drop a stitch at the end of the row!

Fringe: The row of fringe gives the skinny scarf a more professional finish. See here to learn how to make fringe.
PC230452 Fringe.


The scarf shown here is 56 rows long. You can make your scarf longer or shorter depending on your preference.

I was able to complete crocheting this scarf in 1 hour. It took an additonal 20 minutes to put the fringe on.

This scarf is quick and easy and its loose stitching gives it great drape. Make one or many for yourself or friends. It is a great way to get rid of a small ball of yarn.

Feel free to sell any scarf made from this pattern. Please link back to this original pattern if you refer to it even in ammended form.

Okay, so I'm off to be busy prepping for the holidays. I have SOO much to do. Like make 3 more of these scarves and play with this baby

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.

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  1. That's funny, I just made a scarf like this last week. Great minds think alike. I used a treble crochet stitch but instead of going through the top loops, I alternated with front post and back post. It made it look like the scarf was woven. It's a neat little effect. Your baby is soo cute, I'm sure you already knew that. I hope her first Christmas was wonderful. Happy New Year!


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