Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4 Days of Christmas? Hey, What happened? :The Good, The Gooder and the Goodest

I looked back through my scheduled posts over the holiday and realized that only 4 of the scheduled 6 posts posted.

I was completely bummed. But then, before I could write about how bummed I was, I realized what had gone wrong and it was actually quite comical.  I had set the posts to post in 2011! Wha???? I was apparently thinking the new year had already begun. And in some ways for me, it already had.  2010 was a life changing year with lots of firsts - first baby, first house. I think that once baby H got here, I completely shifted gears and in my head, the year had already changed.  Then I spent all my free time over the last few weeks creating prototypes for the dolls I want to start selling and researching the best way to do this on the net. I think by the time I got around to setting up the blog, I was already 5 or so weeks ahead of myself.

So, what's the Good, the Gooder and the Goodest? (I'm being cheeky, in case you've stumbled on this blog and think I really use those non-words.)

Well, here's the Good. In a short span of time I've come to quite a few revelations about  how I should go about crafting this life of mine. I have a doable plan to get back into the swing of things at work after my maternity leave and now I'm more certain than ever that I want to make my hobbies work for me. Like most people, I'm really hard on myself. I have exceedingly high expectations for even the smallest things and when things don't turn out as I planned, I tend to beat myself up over it. This blog is supposed to be a release, a fun way to connect to the crafts I love, not a chore. I have to keep that in mind.

The Gooder - I have a husband who is the most supportive partner in the world. I'd like to think I knew this about him when I chose him, but I know that there is no way I could have known the depth of his support and kindness. He's even getting in on the act and helping me redesign the blog and set up the online shop. With his help, I know that I won't have to wory about the blog getting behind or about making errors of design and development for my web presence.

And the Goodest - Well, there's only one Goodest Thing in the World to me and that's this not quite 4 month old baby. She's a joy and a revelation in her own right. She inspires me to do more and to do better.

Happy Holidays and I'll be back soon!

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