Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pattern Followed! A Sweater Jacket for Little H.

Grocery shopping is serious business. Lots of people to see.

Doesn't she look cozy?

While I was away, I was still crafting. I found this great pattern for an easy to make kimono wrap baby sweater. H. is too small for the coats in most stores and we got tired of layering her up with little jackets when all she really needed was a thick sweater.

I whipped this up in four lengthy nighttime tv watching.

I changed the pattern up by adding a stripe on the sleeves and a contrasting cuff, but all the stitch directions are the same. I used a thick worsted weight yarn and that modification came out okay because the pattern writer (lovely woman) made the gauge discussion simple and I was able to adjust really easily.

The work in progress.
I hadn't ever made a garment in crochet (I don't count shawls, because they don't require shaping).  It was good fun and a challenge to a non-pattern reader like me. I made the sweater a few sizes too big and she should be able to wear it in the Fall.

I felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I was done and I'm glad that when she gets older I can show her these photos and teach her all about handmade!

If you want to do the pattern, go on over to Crochet Me.

The GCRU Link Up is still looking for submissions and I'm happy to report that I'll be one of many participating in the Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week March 28-April 3. See here.
I'll be posting about why I chose to blog along tomorrow!

Peas and Carrots,
~ Dee

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