Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chain Stitch Crochet Charm Bracelet: Now that's a mouthful!

 Hey You Beginning Crocheter (or you seasoned vet, or you non-crocheter)!

Make the easiest crochet charm bracelet ever!

You'll need these materials:
Nylon Trim from JoAnn's Fabric. 35 cents on sale!
A length of decorative, round nylon trim  -- You'll want it to be 2 1/2 times the size of the wrist. Also, the ideal thickness to achieve the chain link look is 1/8th of an inch
H/8 Crochet hook -- I used a plastic hook. The trim slipped over it easily and it was easy to keep the tension
Charms and Beads -- I like the minimalist look, but the bracelet can support as many as you'd like
Jump Rings - to attach the charms and beads to your bracelet.

You'll Need the Following Techniques:
Chain Stitch Crochet -- A great tutorial can be found here
Sliding Knot -- A great tutorial can be found here

Okay, so this is super easy.
1. Make a slip knot with the trim. You want to leave about a 3 inch tail.
Tying a slip knot with the trim can be a little tricky because of its firmness and slippery texture. Just fiddle with it until the knot forms and stays knotted.
2. Chain stitch as many times as you need to create a length that can wrap around your wrist and not overlap. 
The nylon trim is super forgiving. You can adjust the shape of the chain with your fingers as you go.
3. Pull the last loop all the way through the stitch to create a knot at the end. You may want to tie another knot right next to it for added security. 
Looks a lot like chain links when you're done.

4. Tie a sliding knot over the two ends. If you think you have to much excess length, now is the time to cut them. BUT remember to leave enough length on both ends to tie a knot at the end to keep them from slipping all the way through the sliding knot. You can also burn the ends of the trip to make sure they don't unravel.

The Sliding Knot is a great technique for all sorts of projects.

5. Add your beads and charms. I added a bead dangle to one of my ends. I find that it not only adds a nice finishing touch, but that the weight of the bead keeps the bracelet from pulling apart during the day.

I'm a minimalist about charms, so I only added 3. A photo bead of my little H. making a silly face, a bead dangle and a heart. But you can add as many as you'd like.

This bracelet's materials cost less than $2 when I divide how much of materials I used (length of cord from spool, charms from sets).  The thrifty side of me loves it, the urban wannabe fashionista does too!

If you make one of these bracelets, I'd love to see it!  The possibility for the trim and crochet seem endless. I'll be posting about a necklace I made with it soon.

Peas and Carrots, 

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  1. I love this idea thank you for sharing this is going in my must makes for christmas

  2. This is a great idea! thanks for sharing. Found you on crochetville! Check out my blog!

  3. Thanks for dropping by ladies! I'm glad someone else liked the bracelet. It was really simple to make but it turned out to be really nice AND lots of people comment on it when I wear it.

  4. Nice tutorial! The bracelet is real cute. I can see it done with a metalic looking thread, hemp, or some type of leather.


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