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The NEW GCRU: A Way to Keep a Promise!

I've been playing kissy-kissy with my little baby.

A Preamble Ramble

Long time, no blog. But now that I’ve finally seem to have my work load sorted out, I’m happy to be back! I’ve been crafting – there are posts to come. But first things first! When I left in January I made a promise. I was going to set out to find 15 new blogs to read and to post about so that I could rightfully accept the Stylish Blogger award so undeservedly given to me by DaPerfectMix (check out her awesome blog here). And for about a week after I made that promise I searched the net and looked up new blogs. But then the speed of the world outside of the interwebs caught up to me and I couldn’t devote the amount of time and energy I needed to to find the types of blogs I was looking for--- and then an idea started to form.

Maybe, I had the wrong approach. 

Swimming through the net and trying to find crafty blogs with small readerships but that were delivering great content wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The search engines all point you to the big sites with the huge followings. But what I wanted to find were those gems that were being overlooked and under-clicked.

Become part of the GCRU or say See Here, CraftFro

SO, I think I’ve come up with a way to get more people on the prowl for good under-viewed blogs for me (and for others)  and for me to fulfill my promise, but hopefully in a bigger way over time. 
I’d like to introduce my first recurring blog event. There will be two parts.

Part 1:  Great Crafter, Relatively Unknown Link Up (GCRU)

Are you a great crafter (or craft blogger) but still relatively unknown on the internet? Never fear, a link up for you is here!

As most of you know,  lots of the former linky parties are going the way of the Dodo. The popular linky site was free and is now by paid subscription. I’ve decided to go ahead and pay for a subscription, so that I can make this as easy as possible. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. But back to our link up...

To post a link to the GCRU, you have to meet the following criteria:
1.       The blog you link to must primarily be about crafting, sewing, or DIY and have less than 100 subscribers. This is the most important criteria. Blogs not meeting this one will be removed.
2.       The link you leave should be to a particular blog post that you feel most represents your craft-itude (yep, that’s craft and attitude made into one word). It can be an about me post or a tutorial. A post where you write about why you craft or who inspires you. It should be a post that makes the reader want to keep coming back.
3.       YOU SHOULD NOT POST A LINK TO A SHOP. You, of course, can have a blog that features your for sale creations, but the point of this party is to get exposure for under read blogs about crafting – not for your Etsy shop. (Although as this blog grows bigger, that might happen.)  
4.       For each bi-weekly GCRU, I’ll pick one to three Bloggers of Distinction (BOD). By submitting a link you are indicating that you are willing to be featured as a  GCRU BOD in a review post that I do here on after the GCRU post date closes. I will wax poetic about how great your blog is and tell my craftfriends that they should all go and subscribe. I’ll even give you a button for your site that boosts that I chose you and when.
And that’s it. Participants can take a GCRU button, if they want, but they don’t have to. You don’t even have to link back here if you don’t want. It’s all about you.
I’ve posted a blog right after this one as the first GCRU. I will leave it open for links until 3/27/11.

Please help me make it a success!

Part Two:  See Here, Craftfro  (SHC) Bi-Weekly Post

As I mentioned above, I’m going to feature a few bloggers from my GCRU party but I also want to give people the opportunity to nominate blogs that they subscribe to and enjoy for me to go take a look at.  The bloggers in question wouldn’t have to submit to the GCRU party.  I would love for you to send me links to blogs that you read often and adore.  I’ll go and check them out, send a few questions to the blogger and then write up a post about them. 

The rules are simple:
1.       The blog you nominate must be a crafty blog with less than 200 subscribers and not primarily be a store.  You can even nominate your own blog. There’s no shame in it. Plus, if you have more than 100 readers and you can’t participate in the GCRU,  I still want to see what you’re making
2.       You should leave your nomination as a comment to the static post I’ve created under the SHC link at the top of my blog.  Give me the address of the blog and maybe write a few lines about why you like the blog you’re nominating.
Every other week, I’ll feature one blog nominated on the SHC post. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to go through the archives and I’ll try to consider all posts, so you don’t have to post your favorite read again!

Okay, that’s all the logistics. Let’s see what happens! I am so excited. I really do love the online craft world and I like blogging. Hopefully, you can help me find some new hidden gems and let CraftFro be a place where they can shine....
Oh and a random, just in case note, I'm not trolling for people's sites, I really do love to blog and craft and want to see what is out there that I'm missing. I think that there are a lot of people who are on blogger and wordpress who have been posting great stuff but that I don't get to and I'm sure other folks feel the same way. The whole point of both of these exercises is both personal (I wanna see new stuff) and social (wouldn't it be great if those cool blogs had more visits?).

Peas and carrots,

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