Monday, July 5, 2010

"Freehand" Crochet Flower - Mini Tutorial for Beginning Crocheter

Admittedly when I first started crocheting, I had a hard time following patterns. To tell the absolute truth, I still have a little trouble with them. If you're anything like me, don't let your inability to follow patterns stop you from crocheting!!! Once I learned the basic stitches, I often found myself just hooking to hook and seeing what I came up with.

If you want to start crocheting and want to get rid of a bit of the pressure of doing it perfectly - try making this flower. This flower can work as an accent on any number of projects and takes a very short time to make (less than 10 minutes.)

To get started:
If you need to learn the basic stitches, there are a lot of good websites, blogs and videos out there. I think the tutorials at are a great place to start and they even have a super helpful forum if you get stuck.

Follow along with the pictures and REMEMBER don't be uptight about your work. The project is intentionally not precise. Don't be afraid to experiment and try variations.

For the sake of pictures I used a size I hook but normally I would use F or G on a 4 ply worsted weight yarn like the one used here. It makes the flower a bit thinner with teh smaller hook.


Let me know if you make your own!

Check back soon for a crochet thread earring tutorial that's very Summer and even easier to do than this!

Also, more about my other craft hobbies coming soon!

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  1. oh, I totally need to give this one a try. Thanks for the pictorial ! I've actualy never been able to follow a single crochet pattern..... Truth be known; I can't even figure out my Crochet for Dummies book that I bought last year. It's a a little confusing to me.

  2. Pattern reading can be tricky. I think what made the difference was that after so many unsuccessful attempts, I finally began to learn the theory behind patterns instead of just trying to follow them - if that makes sense. The good thing about crochet is that even the mistake can be beautiful!

    Good luck on your next project! (But I've seen how crafty you are so, I know you don't need it.))


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