Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dolls Are Coming... or Going...or at least a few are

My major project this Summer, other than the nursery...which I will start at some point, hopefully, before the baby gets here... are my crocheted dolls for friends and family.

The logo banner showcases the first one I made in this style. It was done completely freehand (no pattern) and is a self portrait of sorts. She's also naked. Pregnancy has made me take time to reflect on my body and when I was making the doll I didn't want to obscure her heavy belly.

When I decided to make the series of dolls for friends and family, I wanted them to each reflect the person that they were made for and have a practical purpose. Each doll will serve a different function. The first complete two are like the original CraftFro doll in that they are made as desk weights for two friends who are also academics.

Check 'em out alongside Dr. CraftFro herself -
From l to right: CraftFro, Dr. Poly, Dr. Stat

A side view. Look at all that hair!

The dolls are similar in size and are each stuffed with a combination of natural fibers and heavy rocks before being mounted. Each has a wig made of yarn. This was the hardest part of making the dolls. I decided to go for hyper-realism and make the dolls - all based on African American women - have hair that reflects the natural hair of the women who the dolls are made for/after. I spent a few hours on each doll's hair - longer than the forty or so minutes they each took to crochet and stuff. I then accessorized them minimally with earrings and beads that fit the tastes of the women I am giving them to.

Here's a close up of Dr. Poly.

Each of the dolls has eye lashes and ears to hold the earrings. But the body shapes and sizes are different (purposely).

I really enjoy making these and will have plenty more to share in the coming weeks!

Thanks for taking a look,


  1. i love them! every part! from their earrings to tiny eye lashes! so cute!

  2. Thanks so much for dropping by and for the compliment Kristina! They are so fun to make.

  3. Dee, I'm your newest follower, Found you on Ravelry. I love these dolls. I've been crocheting for 30 years now and never have learned how to do amigurimi. always thought it was very cool, but now that I see your dolls, I'm making it my new years resolution to learn. These are the sassiest and most original I have ever seen.


  4. Oh, Yolie! You are too kind. I love amigurimi. I think it's what got me back into crocheting. It was great stress relief during my recent pregnancy and it has the added benefit of being quicker gratification (at least for me) than some other crochet projects.
    Thanks so much for the compliment and for coming by the blog.

  5. I also love crochetting without a pattern!


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