Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doodling Around

So I haven't had the focus or energy to work on the dolls for the last week. We're still unpacking and I have another project due for work soon. I've taken to reading art journaling and doodling sites and realized that I am quite a doodler and always have been. During long meetings, at conferences, when I'm bored and when I'm feeling anxious - I doodle. I found at least 6 around the new house this weekend.

I took a few photos of them.
Most of them come out like this squiggly paisley-thing. Done in whatever pen or pencil I have handy and in any blank space of paper.

I even broke out my big (11x17) sketch book I usually use for doll designing,  the other night when I couldn't sleep and did something a bit more artsy.

I unpacked some colored pencils and started doodling with those too.
I realized that I hate the regular Crayola colored pencils that I use. They lack pigment and they don't blend well.

Then it hit me. I really miss drawing. Hence, why I started reading the art journal sites. I don't think I want to create anything mixed medium  just yet, but I do want some pens and markers to replace the lackluster tools I currently have. So, I'll be going to the craft store and picking up a few supplies (and not trying to break the bank) to start a new art/doodle journal. I plan to post something soon!

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