Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hubb Picks Nursery Theme - WTP - Oh, Huney!

I had big plans for the nursery. Modern, strong colors but still a room for a baby. I scowered all the blogs and design sites. I exhuasted room tours on ohdeedoh.com and I made a file on my computer with a million inspiration photos. And then it happenned.

I went to the stores. I looked online. I couldn't decide. I started making things. A mobile, an alphabet chart. And nothing was what I wanted.

Maybe, I didn't know what I wanted.

Enter the Hubb.

My husband is my partner in all things and not because we're so much alike. Mostly because we're very different. Whereas I am a quick starting perfectionist, he's a laid back calculator. I had TOLD him what I wanted the nursery to look like and he'd nodded. I really didn't think he had any preference in the matter. We agreed. Classic white furniture. No pastels. No princesses. Nothing too adult. A baby room.

But when I came back from the 100th store trip, empty handed and we went in for our 33 week doctor appointment --- the Hubb stepped out of easy going mode and offered a hand. We went to the baby super store and looked around for bedding. I hadn't planned on doing this. I was going to order something custom and chic. Nothing cartoony.

And then he fell in love. .....with a Pooh Bear, of all things. A huge Pooh. See it here .

He looked at me, wide eyed and excited and said, "Let's make it a Winne the Pooh room."

Admittedly, I wasn't as taken with the idea of Pooh. Wasn't I supposed to be making it a designer nursery? But his excitement was contagious. The Hubb wanted to decorate! And before we left the store we had one of just about everything Pooh. And we had a plan.

Isn't it funny how you can change your mind? Did this happen to anyone else?
The light in his eyes was worth giving up the posh nursery for a brightly colored cartoon theme.

So, there will be crafts and designing but now it's all Pooh centered. Pictures soon. Because well, the baby will be here soon!

Oh my how time flies.

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  1. aw that's cute... he fell in love with Pooh! i never had a nursery. well, i never had a house until now. i was in the military before and since i knew i was always going to move, i never decorated, not one picture on the wall. isn't that crazy? have fun decorating, and congrats! when are you due?

  2. Aw, thanks. My due date is Oct 2. But we've been measuring a bit ahead, so who knows?

    Not decorating has been my motto until this nursery. We moved to this house to make room for the baby and all of our old places have had decent furniture and decor but nothing major. The nursery was my big move toward interior design... oh well! lol


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