Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome to the Burbs!..and crafty inspiration

So we've moved. There are a few last things to get from our loft, but we've pretty much relocated to the new little house since the bed got delivered.We've met most of the neighbors and even started working on the yard. I am having a bit of angst about the whole thing. I'll admit to liking having a bit of grass to sit out on with the Hubb around dusk but I also miss my city views and there's a jazz festival downtown tonight that is within walking distance of our old apartment. We'll see how I feel once we settle in and I set up my two most important areas - my home office space and my craft space.  

My next project that is not doll related it  is a jewelry project that will mix crochet and beading. I was inspired by this necklace that I saw on QVC at like 4 am the other morning. Pictures soon.


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