Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crochet Underachieving...a visual record.

The move has made it painfully obvious how many craft projects I have started and left unfinished. As I said in yesterday's post, most of the time I start a project just for the process. It seems I REALLY like the process.

Exhibit A - Unfinished Berets, Scarves and Neck Warmers
Berets, Berets, Neck Warmers, Berets

These are just a few of the unfinished ones I haven't unraveled or ----wait for it -- thrown away --- oh, the horror! I have completed one hat and one neck warmer in the last two years. I gave the neck warmer to a great friend and I lost the hat one unseasonably warm winter day when I took it off while I was out and about.

Exhibit B - Undone Amigurumi Dolls
unfinished dolls

A few weeks ago I saw a brilliant humanoid amigurumi on and realized that I wanted to make some dolls for our great hope. I started out with a few patterns from but ultimately just started experimenting with stitches and techniques. I'm happy to say that after realizing I had self-taught myself some bad habits and unlearned them, and after I had made numerous attempts at finding a body and head type I liked.. I finally got the hang of it. While these practice dolls will remain unfinished, I have finished a few and I'll share them here in the future. I have plans to make plenty more!

Exhibit C - Multicolored Rippled Afghan - To Finish or Not to Finish?
Baby Afghan

This simple ripple stitch afghan was my first project for the baby. I've completed about 1/3 of it and depending on what day you ask me, I'll either finish it or scrap it or use it for some other purpose. I'll keep you post it.

Okay, so that's it. My crochet underachieving has been shared. I feel much better about it already.Am I the only one that starts a bunch of different projects and then doesn't finish them?

The goal is not to start anymore projects that I don't intend finish.

Wish me luck,

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